martes, 9 de noviembre de 2010

Blair Waldorf My Pretty Rouge Dress

Did you see the last GG season? Well A few of weeks ago, I was watching the first episode of the 4 season and I was shocked with that dress.It's just amazing, you know, rouge dresses are very romantic and sexy, but this is maybe one of the most beautiful red dresses that I've ever seen before. Is and CARLOS DE LA RENTA dress. I think the shoes and the bag aren't very great for that dress but it's not a fashion crime haha. That was amazing for the occassion, when Blair met Chuck. Very romantic. In the picture, Serena and Blair.
 Sorry If you don't see the chapter, you must see it now!

Here we go with the scene: 

Ignorance Diaries 2010

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  1. love the dress, when I saw the episode I was shocked too. I agree on what you say about the shoes and the clutch.

  2. Anonymous: :) Thanks for the comment