martes, 4 de enero de 2011

Avril Lavigne at the American Music Awards

Well here we have Avril Lavigne. I was so surprised about her new hair! Blonde, black, pink and green. But in that picture we can't see it very well.
Avril has changed a lot this year, now she's not the sk8eir princess who has been in the past, now she's a fashion victim but with his own style.

Bien, pues aquí tenemos a Avril Lavigne. Me sorprendí mucho al ver su pelo! Rubio, negro, rosa y verde. Pero en esta foto no se ve demasiado bien.
Avril ha cambiado mcho este año, ahora ella ya no es una sk8eir princess como lo havia sido en el pasado, ahora ella es una fashion victim con su propio estilo. 

Ignorance Diaries 2011

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  1. I really like Avril Lavigne! I didn't realise you were on too, I've become a fan. Here's mine: :)