viernes, 7 de enero de 2011

A cuadros.

I love that D&G dress. Spring-Summer collection 2011. This season are going to remove the tables, you know, so steal your grandma tablecloth and make you a hippie dress like this.

Me encanta este vestido de D&G. Colección primavera verano 2011. Esta temporada se van a llevar los cuadros, así que ya sabes, robale el mantel del picnic a tu abuela y hazte un vestido hippie como este. 

Ignorance Diaries 2011

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  1. Hey None! It's me, Jacky, the dread-red-head girl from LB :D

    I don't know if you can understand german, 'cause my blog is in german - perhabs you'll ckeck it out? & comment something?

    Greeez, Jacky. (:

  2. thanks for visti my blog jacky <3 No I don't understand german but don't worry I'm ging to have a look at it !

  3. thank you for talking with me on twitter:0
    im @star_bySola! japanese girl
    it is so much fun to talk with you:D
    do you remember me? haha:D

    you are so friendly the pretty reckless fan:D
    thank you!
    lets talk again on this page or twitter someday again:D
    BTW Sola means sky in japan:D

  4. oh how cute Sky is a very beautiful name :D thanks for look please follow the blog :D

  5. Miss A la verdad es que es un vestido rpecioso y que con una cazadora tejana clarita quedaria genial y muy indie-folk