miércoles, 20 de abril de 2016


Time flies as hell, anyway today has been kind of more than a year since my last entry...
I've been in blogger for some years and well even that i'm busy as hell i've to say that I really miss to talk about what I like.

Now I see the blog and think: 
''How the hell I was wearing this shit''

But then I answer myself: 
''Well, It was a good time, I had fun, friends, experiences and fashion was like this at a time''

Maybe we are all too stressed and sometimes forget who we are and where are we from. 

I accept the past, but now I'm like this. 
Second year as a fashion design student. 
I'll never be the smiley girl now I rather smile maybe I'm stronger and keep hating everything. 
This is me now. 
(never study fashion design)

Photo credit to Ariadna Junyent

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